Copia International Partners with TE-Systems

We are pleased to announce that Copia International has partnered with TE-Systems Inc., and now fully supports TE-Systems XCAPI VoIP and FoIP ports in CopiaFacts version 8.2.

TE-Systems has long experience in IP Telephony, and supporting XCAPI gives CopiaFacts access to the huge range of IP telephony hardware and worldwide IP Providers which have been tested for use with XCAPI. A full Interoperability List is available from Copia sales department, and detailed configuration notes are also available for all the major switch types, as well as for configuring virtual machine environments. XCAPI VoIP and FoIP ports can also be integrated with Dialogic Diva Server boards in the same system.

The COPIAFACTS server engine has an interface module for XCAPI which supports the full range of features available with other supported hardware and IP ports. For fax, we support both XCAPI Softfax which enhances fax transmission over VoIP circuits, and of course full T.38 fax-over-IP. For voice, we support not only all the usual CopiaFacts IVR capabilities but also advanced features such as call linking, and tone, energy and human talker detection.

For more information about using XCAPI ports in your CopiaFacts system, please call your salesperson here at Copia on 800-689-8898 or 630-388-6900.