CopiaFacts Version 8.1

CopiaFacts version 8.1 is now available to customers whose maintenance is current (if not, please contact Copia Sales).  With this version we have made two administrative changes in addition to the ongoing software enhancements and new features:

First, we are now using a standard four element version/build number (at the time of writing, this is  All CopiaFacts components in a build will now have the same version details: we no longer have to maintain version lists showing separate numbers for each item, and you no longer have a struggle to work out what version you are using of each component.

Second, we have moved the 'change history' into Appendix M of the CopiaFacts on-line manual, and will no longer be updating the FFCHANGES database.  The old Appendix M listing separate version numbers is now redundant.  This change allows us to continue with the searchable change history, but in addition each entry can have links into the manual topics which describe the changes in more detail.

We hope that you will find the new version information easier to use.  In upcoming blog posts, we will highlight some of the new features in CopiaFacts 8.1, which are summarized in the new Appendix M of the Reference Manual.

Server Down? What are your Plans?

Some of our customers are still using Windows versions that Microsoft no longer supports, such as NT and Windows 2000.   XP and Windows Server 2003 are now joining them.  So some of you may experience the inability to revive your server if it goes down.  With the advent of Windows 7 and 2008 some of the older boards and drivers may not be compatible with newer machines running these operating systems.  Compatibility with your hardware in the coming years may find you scrambling for a solution.

Why wait?  Copia can help you determine your current, as well as future, needs to insure that you have a plan B.

Most computers sold on the market today no longer have available expansion slots for fax boards.  So if you’re looking to upgrade your system, Copia can provide you with a computer and the necessary hardware to have a perfect solution whether its fax, voice or email.

We have already helped a number of current customers with a plan B solution, so don't delay; call your salesperson here at Copia to find out more, 800-689-8898 or 630-388-6900.

Fax is Still a Core Business Solution

Fax is still a proven communication vehicle for business, even in the 21st Century!   Our active and growing customers for fax include:

- health industry, e.g. hospitals using fax to transmit patient records in a secure fashion
- lending institutions and banks
- government installations

Fax doesn't get sidetracked with spam blockers like email does.   You no longer need an old fashioned fax machine to send or receive, you can do it direct from your desktop.   Copia provides a boardless solution, FoIP (Fax over IP) for SIP-based telephone systems, such as TeleVantage, Asterisk, and Trixbox.  We support T.38 and G.711 FoIP fax protocols.

Think of fax when you need to communicate to your list of customers or prospects; and if you'd like an additional guarantee that your message will be received we can provide fall back to email also.  Call your salesperson here at Copia, 800-689-8898 or 630-388-6900 who will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote on the best solution for your business.