October 2008 Lately Newsletter

Look what you can do using the Copia Fax Server!

When ALLDATA, the leading provider of manufacturers’ service and repair information, shop management software and customer relations tools for the automotive repair and collision industries, needed a 24x365 application to solve a critical business problem, they interviewed several companies before deciding on Copia.

“Customer service, reliability, turnaround time, cost benefit, and robustness were all factors which influenced our decision to choose Copia”, says George Cusack, VP of Production for ALLDATA. “Copia’s applications provide ALLDATA with the ability to offer improved service to our customers with reduced costs.”

The ALLDATA application has the unique ability to provide information by email or fax and to interact with the customer to choose delivery options or transfer to customer service if a person answers the fax line. All delivery attempts are logged to a database for reference by ALLDATA customer service and customer service is notified of any failures by email. Copia’s intelligent retry feature allows ALLDATA to fine tune the information delivery process without the need for human intervention, freeing people for other tasks and boosting productivity.

Separate Retry Delay Parameters for E-Mail

You can now specify a separate set of outcome classes and corresponding retry counts and delays for e-mail transmissions, and also set the maximum number of retries separately. The default outcome categories have been revised so that there is no longer a need to place e-mail outcomes into classes with names such as 'no answer' or 'fax error'.

E-Mail retry parameters can be specified at present in the configuration, user or transaction file. Both the fax/phone and e-mail outcome classes can be customized in the SMR file in the usual way.

Tip: SQL support for logging data

With the latest changes to the CopiaFacts Engine, we now support writing log data of your choice to any SQL database. You can also suppress the writing of the current DBF file. Please contact Copia Technical support for exactly how to move the logging data to SQL.