Copia Rescues OmniRush Users

COPIAFACTS has long supported Goldmine CRM and its related databases. An interface refresh now supports fully automated email and faxing using all Goldmine SQL versions, including Goldmine Premium Version 9.

OmniRush legacy support
With Z-Firm’s OmniRush dropping GoldMine support, COPIAFACTS offers a great transition option for Goldmine customers. Just like OmniRush, a fax or email can be scheduled to selected contacts through the schedule menu or as part of an automated process.

Users are presented the familiar schedule screen and allowed to enter in document(s) and reference notes. The integration allows the user to the assign the activity to a “track”. If your company was using legacy OmniRush track names you may re-use them. Optionally you may create new track names that take advantage of all the other great features of your COPIAFACTS system. This allow you to create a custom solution that meets your business needs.

All your standard scheduling and alert options are still configurable. You can immediately send your message or choose a date and/or time for the fax or email to be sent. After the message is sent a history record is created along with a filed message containing the results and the users notes. If something went wrong and the message failed a history record is created and by default all the result messages are filed by month.'

Open Document Support
Users can create “F2 lookup” lists to provide easy access to your standard documents. Web-based
documents or documents stored on your intranet are also supported via fully-qualified path names.
The system supports searching for documents by name in the Goldmine templates directory, the
existing OmniRush users import path, and the default import path, often referred to as the “outfax

When attaching Microsoft Word documents, they will be pre-processed to link to Goldmine macros.
RTF and HTML documents will be pre-processed to evaluate OmniRush merge codes, Goldmine
macros, and COPIAFACTS macros. In fact, most of your OmniRush merge codes are already

COPIAFACTS has other features in its scripting language and merge operations that provide far
more capability and flexibility than OmniRush users previously had access to.

Expanded Support
COPIAFACTS supports a wide range of both hardware and virtual options for fax and voice
connectivity. This allows for traditional or VoIP/FoIP system to be configured along side your
Goldmine installation.

Software pricing is based on the line capacity of your system not the number of users. This allows
you to configure to your expected capacity. An affordable annual maintenance fee includes all
updates, product enhancements and support.