New Features in On-Line Help

We have recently introduced a new format and new features for the on-line CopiaFacts Reference Manual. You will find a new taskbar at the top:

You can use the New Tab button to make a copy of the main browsing window in a new tab, and then continue browsing in the main tab while keeping the other topic available in its tab. You can also undock any tab except the main browsing tab by dragging its tab out of the browser. Closing the separate window restores the tab in your main browser.

We have also improved the Print feature, so that you will see a preview of the topic you select for printing. And the Contents button, at the top of each topic, has been enhanced to highlight the selected topic after you have scrolled to it. Some of the new features are also included in the CHM version of the manual, but this still has to be displayed by the old Windows help utility.

These new usability features do unfortunately require a browser capable of supporting them, and a window will be displayed with upgrade suggestions if you have an obsolete version of Internet Explorer installed.

If you see any formatting issues with the new help topics, we recommend clearing your browser cache: otherwise the browser may be confused trying to load a new topic into an old frame, or vice-versa.

Please do not hesitate to use the Feedback button to send us your comments on the new features, or about any other aspect of the documentation or topic content. We look forward to hearing from you!