Showing Transaction Result Details in a Trace File

We have recently added a feature to bridge the gap between just showing the dialed number or e-mail destination in the trace file and showing a full set of trace lines.  You can now define a set of RESULT variables and use them to choose what information to display in  a single trace entry for each call.

A typical set of variable definitions, added in FAXFACTS.CFG, would read as follows:

$var_def    RESULT_EMAIL  "Email to @EMAIL_TO (@OC_DESC) @OC_CODE {@FSNUM}"
$var_def    RESULT_VOICE  "Voice to @DIAL_DIGITS (@OC_DESC) @OC_CODE {@FSNUM}"
$var_def    RESULT_WORKER "Worker @OC_CODE {@FSNUM}" 

After adding these variables (or as many as are relevant to your operations) you will find that as each outbound fax completes, the contents of RESULT_FAXOUT will be expanded and the trace will show a single line which might read:

13:58:06.48 Result:   Fax to 16417416000 (Success) 0 {00447144} Attempts=1

This new feature will allow you to see the results of calls if you look at the COPIAFACTS display, but without the clutter than is often present if you turn on full tracing.  Although it is useful to keep a consistent set of result texts by defining these variables in FAXFACTS.CFG, you can of course override them for specific tasks, such as when you have used a pre- or post- process, or for special worker-box operations.  The full set of available RESULT_... variables, and of course the variables you can use inside them, are listed in Appendix D of the Copia Reference Manual.

For new users, we will arrange for the initial set-up to place a standard set of result variables, similar to the above, in FAXFACTS.CFG.  Please try adding the above variable definitions to your own configuration file and let us know of any variations to the default output line which you find particularly helpful.  You will need to upgrade to a current release to use this feature.