Server Down? What are your Plans?

Some of our customers are still using Windows versions that Microsoft no longer supports, such as NT and Windows 2000.   XP and Windows Server 2003 are now joining them.  So some of you may experience the inability to revive your server if it goes down.  With the advent of Windows 7 and 2008 some of the older boards and drivers may not be compatible with newer machines running these operating systems.  Compatibility with your hardware in the coming years may find you scrambling for a solution.

Why wait?  Copia can help you determine your current, as well as future, needs to insure that you have a plan B.

Most computers sold on the market today no longer have available expansion slots for fax boards.  So if you’re looking to upgrade your system, Copia can provide you with a computer and the necessary hardware to have a perfect solution whether its fax, voice or email.

We have already helped a number of current customers with a plan B solution, so don't delay; call your salesperson here at Copia to find out more, 800-689-8898 or 630-388-6900.

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