Enhancements for FFVIEWER

After a recent set of enhancements for FFBC, our next target has been the fax viewer.  Again the principal objective has been to improve ease and speed of use.

The list of enhancements this time includes:
  • The mail selection dialog which is used to select incoming faxes for viewing has several new features.  You can now sort entries on individual columns, and filter contents to find items faster.  The preview window has also been enhanced to allow viewing of any page of the document.
  • For dragging the image on the main window, we have exchanged the functions of the two mouse buttons.  The left mouse button now does a simple drag, moving the picture at the same rate and the same distance that you move the mouse.  The right mouse drag now does the accellerated drag which used to be done by the left button, where the amount of mouse movement controls the speed of movement of the picture.  Using the right mouse button you can quickly skip from the top to the bottom of a page without the need to do mutliple drag-release operations.  And in the new version this also works when annotations are visible.
  • In case you find the exchanged mouse button functions confusing, we have provided a 'settings' option to retain the original configuration!
  • For users who need to position annotations accurately, either for their own or for bureau clients' customization applications, we have greatly increased the ease of working with annotations.  Instead of just a simple annotation number, the annotation header now includes full position and size information, continuously updated as you move or resize the annotation, as well as much more information in the hint window:
  • If you prefer to set your annotation  position and size 'by numbers' there is a new item on the annotation menu which brings up a window where you can enter exact position and size:

Finally, there are several small enhancements, including the ability to undo an annotation move after you have clicked on it with an unsteady hand and found it in a slightly different place.  And some minor fixes which are detailed in the reference manual, along with improved documentation of annotations and other FFVIEWER features.  See http://www.copia.com/support/refmanual8/index.html?annotation.htm.

These changes are in build