October 2011 - Tax Credit

TAX CREDIT - Invest in Copia Software Now 
In order to stimulate business, Congress enacted Section 179 Extension for US customers. The Section 179 Extension gives you the option of not having to wait for your purchased assets (such as computer hardware and software) to depreciate over time, but allows you to deduct the purchase price in full, thus getting a tax break from your assets immediately. "Small businesses can expense up to $500,000 of the first $2 million of certain business property placed in service during the year." 

 A business that acquires Copia software and places it into service before January 1, 2012 can now claim a depreciation allowance of 100% of the cost of the software. This allowance is an additional deduction you can take after any Section 179 deduction. 

 So, Take advantage of these credits, purchase Copia software and/or hardware, and: 
 1. Expand your system before the end of the year; 
 2. Purchase that spare fax and/or voice board;
 or 3. If your business relies on your a CopiaFacts system, build a redundant system. 

 For more information on this tax incentive you can view, www.irs.gov/pub/irspdf/p1693_11.pdf 

Take advantage of this tax credit. We recommend that you speak with your accountant and then call Copia Sales 800.689.8898 to place your order.

Just a Reminder about Goldmine/OmniRush Users 
Copia offers an alternative to FaxRush/Goldmine users with fax and email support for Goldmine SQL versions, including version 9. Copia also offers faxing from just about any contact manager: ACT, SalesLogix, Microsoft CRM and Open SQ, etc. 

Call 800.689.8898 for more information on how we can help you fax from within your contact manager

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